Sunday, February 4, 2018

Oriental Trading Company- Candy Review

Disclosure: I received the following products in exchange for a review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own and are my honest opinion of the products.

When asked to write a review for the Oriental Trading Company about their candy, I felt like a little kid in a candy store. Since there are so many options to chose from, it was hard to pick. As I browsed their website for candy, a few options stood out among the rest: lollipops, mints, and Valentine's Day candy.

Now you are probably wondering why I didn't mention chocolate. I love chocolate. However, I am a teacher and my students love it when I have lollipops for rewards. In particular, they love the Tootsie® Caramel Apple Pops. Now while these lollipops are available at some of my local stores, Oriental Trading Company is the only place that I have seen these lollipops offered in three flavors: Golden Delicious, green apple, and red Macintosh. These lollipops are always a hit with my students.

Besides the Tootsie® Caramel Apple Pops, I picked Charms® Mini Pops. The bag comes with approximately 325 pops in twelve flavors, including cotton candy which is a very popular flavor with my students. I also chose Dum Dums® because my youngest son absolutely loves them. Lollipops are they only candy he likes. I chose assorted Dum Dums® and others that came with Smarties®. What caught my eye, however, were the bags of solid color Dum Dums®. I chose the Blue Solid Color Dum Dums®, but there are a variety of colors to chose from including black and white. These would be perfect for any party with a color theme. The Blue Solid Color Dum Dums® are blueberry flavor.

The next thing I chose was candy for my kids to hand out on Valentines's Day. My middle son chose Wonka® Lik-m-aid®Fun Dip Valentine Candy Card Kits. For my youngest, we chose Lifesavers® Hard Candy Lollipops, as well as the Owl Lollipop Covers Craft Kit. My son enjoyed putting together the lollipop covers for his classmates and can't wait to pass these out to his friends. I think they are adorable. However, the Lifesavers® Hard Candy Lollipops did not fit good under the covers so we are going to use Dum Dums® instead. 

Of course, after picking out candy for my students and kids, I decided to pick one of my favorite mints for myself, Bobs Sweet Stripe Soft Peppermint Balls. I love these mints as they melt in my mouth.

With a large selection of candy that would be perfect for a party, holiday, your classroom, office, or home, check out the Oriental Trading Company.


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