Friday, February 22, 2013

Coming soon... Math Blaster Review and Giveaway

If you get to know me real well, you would learn that I love math! I just wish that my oldest son would get a little more excited about it. Hopefully that will change soon. Over the next month, he is going to help me review a site called Math Blaster. Here is a little information about the site:
  • Multiple player accounts
    • Add up to 6 kids
  • Create your own Blaster
    • Boys, girls, or aliens!
  • Mathematical missions
    • Sign up at the Space Port, Math Academy and on the job board
  • Monster Mutts
    • Raise and train your own special pets
  • Mobile apps
    • Take your pet with you or continue the learning missions wherever you go
  • Blaster challenges
    • Propose or accept challenges from other blasters
  • Math worksheets
    • Challenging and fun math and mind-bending activities
  • Access to
    • A bonus membership included, as well as 4 downloadable games

So stay tuned for my upcoming review and giveaway.


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