Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Three Stooges DVD Review

Growing up I remember occasionally catching The Three Stooges on TV. They are considered a classic and so even though slapstick is not quite my style, I was still interested in watching the movie with my husband and two boys. Here is the synopsis of the movie:

Left on the doorstep of an orphanage run by nuns, newborns Moe (Diamantopoulos), Larry (Hayes), and Curly (Sasso) grow up finger-poking, nyuk-nyuk-nyuking and woo-wooing their way to uncharted levels of knuckleheaded misadventure. Now, out to save their childhood home, only The Three Stooges could become embroiled with an oddball murder plot…while stumbling into starring roles in a phenomenally successful TV reality show.

The Three Stooges is fun for the whole family. With hilarious supporting performances from Larry David ("Seinfeld"), Jane Lynch ("Glee"), Sofia Vergara ("Modern Family") and Jennifer Hudson (Dreamgirls), THE THREE STOOGES "Just Say Moe" edition Blu-ray is loaded with special features including a collection of entertaining and punchy pieces and a unique blend of classic "Stooge" elements in a contemporary setting.

My thoughts: The movie The Three Stooges is exactly what I expected.  As I watched the movie I thought I can't believe they just did that, or I knew that was going to happen.  I thought the casting was great and Diamantopoulos, Hayes, and Sasso did a fantastic job impersonating Larry, Curly, and Moe. The plot of this movie focuses on how Larry, Curly, and Moe attempt to raise money so that the orphanage that they grew up in doesn't close, as well as focusing on the strong bond of friendship between the three boys. So although it was a little silly for my tastes, I was still interested in watching to find out if they succeed. I did like that the directors ended with a disclaimer for kids not to try the stunts at home. They demonstrated that the tools used were made of rubber and to make them sound hard they just used sound effects. They even explained the eye poke which was done by poking above the eyes and using sound effects. While my boys enjoyed the movie, I was a little concern whether they may try to imitate the actors. This disclaimer helped them see that the actors were not really getting hurt. If you are a Three Stooges fan, you might want to check out this movie.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the movie to review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own and are my honest opinion of the product.


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