Friday, July 20, 2012

Delighting in Babies-Baby Shower Event: Green Babies Review

I have been following the Baby Bump app on my Ipod Touch since I first found out I was pregnant. Although I am no longer pregnant, there are groups on the app about parenting. Lately, one of my favorite groups to follow and read is Green Parenting. It is interesting to read about all of the topics they discuss whether it is cloth diapering and wipes or natural products to use on our babies. As I started reading, I thought I really would like to try more natural products with my little one.  I was so excited when I came across the site Green Babies and I wanted to give their products a try. 

At Green Babies, you can buy organic clothing, accessories, toys, and body care products. As I browsed their website, I noticed their Green Babies Promise:

We know your baby is the most important person in the world to you. With this foremost in mind, we offer outstanding products that positively impact the health and wellbeing of babies and children and add to the joys of parenthood. Pound for pound babies take in more food and water than adults, and because of this, they may be at increased risk from exposure to toxins. 

Therefore we carefully choose anything we offer for your children by evaluating factors such as questionable chemicals, suspected endocrine disruptors and nutritionally inferior ingredients. Simply put, we wouldn't want to offer you anything for your baby that we wouldn't want for ours. 

We believe there is no greater joy than a happy healthy baby and it's our privilege to invite them to be Green Babies.

Green Babies sent me their Shampoo & Wash, as well as their SPF 30 Sunscreen to review.  All of their body care products are truly natural and do not have phthalates, sulfates, paraben, petrochemicals, and synthetic fragrances. They also are 100% vegan, hypo-allergenic and tear-free, and  have not been tested on animals. I love the idea that I am using an all natural product when I give my little one a bath. I also like that the scent to their Shampoo & Wash is not too strong since certain fragrances bother me.

Over the past two weeks, we have been also using their unscented sunscreen. Green Babies Sunscreen complies with the new FDA regulations, is water resistant up to 40 minutes, and is non-chemical and non-nano. Since it states that under 6 months of age you should ask a doctor, I decided it was best to just keep my little one out of the sun. However, I have used their sunscreen multiple times on both my boys and myself. When you put it on, it is thick-but I love that it is unscented, not greasy, and did a great job of protecting us. I was a little worried about using an SPF of 30 since I burn easily and usually use SPF 50. Their sunscreen did not irritate our skin and we have not gotten sunburn. 

Interested in buying natural body care products for your little one? Stop by their online store or else check their store locator on their website to see if a store sells them near you. 


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