Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Delighting in Babies-Baby Shower Event: MAM Baby Products

When preparing for the arrival of your new little one shopping for those must have items can be overwhelming. I remember registering for the first time 8 years ago and thinking that there were so many items to choose from. The question was, which ones would I find as a necessity?  Pacifiers, bottles, and teethers are definitely on my list of necessities and I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to review these items and more from MAM.  Here is a little about MAM from their website:

For 30 years, MAM has been providing high-quality baby products to MAM Moms and Dads here in the US. The combination of style, technological innovation and medical know-how produces unique premium products. This makes MAM the leading designer brand for baby accessories.

When I first think of MAM, pacifiers come to my mind. We have used MAM pacifiers with each of our boys. While my other two boys didn't mind if we switched between types and brands, my newest little one does and his favorite is MAM. MAM pacifiers feature an anatomically correct nipple that helps babies maintain proper jaw and tooth alignment. I also love the variety of colors and designs that they come in, and most importantly, MAM pacifiers help to soothe my little one.

Another item that I find as a necessity is a bottle. While I mostly breastfeed, sometimes we supplement with formula or pumped milk, so a bottle comes in handy. I was sent a three pack of their anti-colic bottles. The anti-colic bottle has a vented base that helps decrease air bubbles. The bottle also has a wide opening that makes it easy to clean, and I love the design and colors on the bottles. I also was sent the MAM Learn to Drink Cup for when my baby is ready to train for his transition to a regular cup.

The last set of products I received from MAM include the Oral Care Rabbit, Massaging Brush, Training Brush, First Brush, and Teethers. Did you know that even before babies have teeth, we should be cleaning their gums? So while my little one is not quite ready for the brushes, the MAM Oral Care Rabbit is just perfect for him. My fingers fit into the rabbit's ears so that I can use it to clean his gums in order to remove plaque and bacteria from his mouth. Later when he starts teething I can then transition to the other brushes. 

When he does start teething, I can't wait to use the Bite and Brush Teether, as well as the Cooler. The Bite and Brush Teether is recommended for babies ages 3 months and up and can be used to clean his first teeth as well as massage his gums. The Cooler is recommended for ages four months and up. What I like about the Cooler is the design. Not only is it made to reach the molars, but it is designed so that only the part filled with water becomes cold, so that your babies hands will stay warm.

I would definitely recommend MAM Baby products. They have a wide variety of products to choose from and all of them are BPA-free, phthalate-free, lead-free, and CPSIA-compliant. So stop by their website to check out all of the great products they have to offer, and then stop by their Facebook page to print a $2 coupon.

Disclosure: I received the above products to review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own and are my honest opinion of the products.


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