Saturday, October 8, 2011

Book Review: I Believe in You

Life can be hard sometimes, even for little kids. I know at times I think how easy it would be to be a kid again-not needing to worry about the stresses life brings our way. But being a kid is not always easy as well. I think about my oldest who does not always want to go to school and does not like to do his homework. He wants to play with the neighborhood kids, but they are a little older than him and like to play football. He doesn't know quite yet how to play himself. I think that it is important for every kid to feel like someone believes in them, and that is the focus of Marianne Richmond's latest release, I Believe in You. Here is a little about the book:

This heartfelt book explores the powerful feeling in every parent's heart as you watch a child take on the big job of growing up. An inspiring and meaningful book, I Believe in You puts into words the little moments that reveal just how much you believe in them, no matter what life throws their way. Showing you will be by their side can mean the world to them and give them the strength they often so desperately need. I Believe in You encourages kids to look within to find they have all they need to succeed - and to know they always have someone cheering them on.

My favorite part of the book are the last few lines:

"Your job of growing up takes hard work, I know, but each day is an adventure. Each problem helps you grow. And I want you to remember, I'm here to watch the ride. I believe in one amazing you with all my love and pride!"

I read this book with my oldest son, who is seven, and he enjoyed it. It is an adorable book and has a wonderful message for kids to hear- that we are always behind them, supporting them, loving them, and believing in them.

Disclosure: I received a copy of the book to review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own and are my honest opinion of the book.


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