Monday, June 27, 2011

Cars 2 Review

My youngest son has been counting down the days to June 24 because he couldn't wait until Cars 2 was in the theater. He was very excited when we took him to see it in 3D on Saturday. Even though we went to the 11:00 am showing, we still waited in a line until about 10:50 to get into the theater.

So you might be wondering, did Cars 2 live up to all of the hype? Definitely! Cars 2 has the James Bond feel and really the star of the show is Mater, which is one of my favorite characters. In Cars 2, Lightning McQueen is getting ready to race in the World Grand Prix, when Mater accidentally gets involved in a top-secret spy mission. As this mission gets tied into the race, the question gets asked will Mater mess up everything or become the hero of the day? My kids loved the movie and decided that they liked Cars 2 better than the first. I know that when Cars 2 comes out in Blu-Ray, we will be adding it to our collection.

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  1. We are probably going to see this movie this weekend over the fourth of July holiday. Everyone has said how good it is.


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