Friday, March 18, 2011

Guest Post: How to Make Your Own Air Fresheners

There are many ways to freshen the air in your home. You can buy deodorizing room spray, scented candles, or air fresheners that plug into the wall. Buying these products can cost a lot of money and some of them may emit harmful chemicals into the air. So why not make your own? It's simpler then you may think.

How to Make a Gel Air Freshener
A homemade gel air freshener can be a great addition to any room. Not only do they help to freshen the air they can also be a piece of art. To make a gel air freshener you need just a few simple ingredients and a little bit of time. The first step is boil one cup water with two tablespoons of salt. If you want color add a couple drops of food coloring now. Mix four packages of plain gelatin with one cup of cold water. Mix together until gelatin crystals have dissolved. Then, add twenty to thirty drops of essential oil. Pour mixture into jars and allow to cool at room temperature, overnight. You can add objects such as, dried flowers, metal charms, or seashells to the jar before adding the gelatin mixture. These air fresheners will last up to four months.

How to Make a Scented Candle
What can be better than the glow of a candle giving your home a wonderful scent? Before you begin making your candles, it is a good idea to get all of your supplies around. You will need a double boiler, paraffin wax, wick, essential oils, color chips, and a thermometer. The first step is to melt the wax in the top of the double boiler over medium heat. Heat the wax until the thermometer reads 175 degrees, add the color chips and five to fifteen drops of the essential oil, and mix well. Tie one end of your wick to a pencil. Insert the opposite end into a clean, dry glass jar. Hold the pencil with one hand and pour the hot wax into the jar with the other hand. Use a tall glass to hold the pencil up. This will keep the wick straight. Let cool overnight, trim wick and enjoy.

How to Make a Room Spray
This is a recipe for a relaxing and refreshing room spray. In a clean spray bottle, mix thirty drops of lavender oil, fifteen drops of chamomile oil, five drops of ylang-ylang oil, and five ounces of water, shake well. This can be liberally sprayed on furniture, linens, and carpets but should not be sprayed on wood.

Simple Air Fresheners
There are many ways you can freshen the air without actually making an air freshener. You can add cinnamon sticks and vanilla extract to a pan of water and simmer on the stove. Another good and thrifty idea is to place cotton balls that have been soaked in lavender oil, in baby food jars and place throughout your house. You can also place dryer sheets in your heat vents. When your heat kicks on, it will fill the room with a fresh, clean scent.

Guest post from Bailey Harris.

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  1. I am going to make the gel,in a day or so. Thanks so much for sharing this.I will spread the word! Blessings jane


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