Saturday, August 7, 2010

Book Review: The Adventures of Wil and T Series

My kids love books. We have quite the collection of children's books at our house, and I enjoy spending time reading with my two boys. Recently, I had the opportunity to review the first three books in The Adventures of Wil and T series: Wil, Fitz, and a Flea Named T, The Boomerang, and The Bad Enchilada. This series is written by CJ Connolly and illustrated by Lisa Adams. Lisa Adams is the artist who created the babyGap Teddy bear. The first book of the series is called Wil, Fitz, and a Flea Named T. In this story, Wil's grandmother sends him out to search for apples, but he has trouble finding them. Just when Wil is about to give up, he hears a small voice and meets Mr. T, a flea on his dog, Fitz. Mr. T points out to Wil that he has taken the wrong path. So he takes him back to the beginning of the trail, where there is a smooth path and a hilly and rocky path. The first time, Wil had taken the easier path, so Mr. T suggests he take the hilly and rocky path. At the top of the hill, Wil finds apples to bring back to his grandmother. The book teaches a great moral: that hard work is required in order to achieve anything of value, and that we can learn from our mistakes.In the second book of the series, called The Boomerang, Wil is learning how to throw a boomerang. With the help of Mr. T and Mr. T's Australian cousin Zed, the challenge that Wil faces in learning how to throw teaches him that his emotions affect his actions.
In the third book, called The Bad Enchilada, we meet Wil's cousin Donny, and Mr. T's nephew CC. Wil and Donny start arguing and then stomp off mad. Wil is very angry about a comment Donny made, and Mr. T and CC compares his anger to a bad enchilada. Mr. T and CC explain to Wil, that anger is just like a bad enchilada that leaves you with indigestion for hours. They teach Wil to let go of his anger by counting. The last paragraph sums up the book nicely:

Bad feelings and bitterness can go on for hours,
And when they are present you can't smell the flowers.
So let go of your anger, your distrust, your fear...
Only then towards happiness can you heart be steered.

I really enjoyed reading all three books to my boys. Each book in the series is told in rhyme, has great, colorful illustrations, and teaches a valuable lesson for kids to learn. You can buy each book here for an introductory price of $14.95 each or $39.95 for all three. Shipping is free.

Disclosure: I received the three books from Crosswinds Press to review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own and are my honest opinion of the products.


  1. these are really fun- especially the rhyming. i also really like that each book includes a lesson...and that the author is local to MY area!!

    thanks for the wonderful review.

  2. My daughter is a book lover and I think that she too would enjoy these. Thanks for the review.


  3. I need to remember to get rid of my anger by counting lol - Maybe I need this book too! Thanks for the review!

  4. Awww, these books sound really cute.

  5. Sound like great books and who can beat free shipping these days!

  6. My kids got these books. We love them


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