Monday, August 2, 2010 Review: Connecta Straws

A few weeks ago, I wrote a review about As stated on their website:

eBeanstalk is dedicated to providing the learning toys and educational toys that promote a child's development...and we go far beyond just toys. Our mission at eBeanstalk is to "plant the seeds that help children grow" while making gift-giving easy and special.

As I browsed their website, I found so many great toys for kids, and it was really easy to naviagate. You can search their products by category, by brand, or by age. They carry baby toys, as well as toys through the age of 12. Looking through the toys for 1 year olds and the toys for 2 years olds, I reminisced about the toys my sons had at that age. Time seems to fly by so quickly. sent me Connecta Straws to review. At first, I was slightly skeptical about the product. The Connecta Straws set consists of over 200 pieces including colorful flexible plastic straws, connectors, wheels, and building rings and costs $14.95. Besides these pieces, there is a pamplet with suggestions of different items that you can construct. Of course, my oldest son chose one of the harder constructions first. There are not detailed instructions on how to build these items and so we gave up. I suggested to him, that he create his own design.

Here is Ebeanstalk's description of Connecta Straws: Connecta Straws help kids develop their creativity while teaching a variety of skills required for math, physics, geometry, and more. A wide variety of interesting models and designs may be constructed by connecting straws. Not only are they super fun to play with, but these small bendy straws will really help with the muscles in your child′s little hands and coordination.

Like I said before, I was skeptical at first. How much fun would my boys have with straws? Would they play with them once and then forget about them? To my surprise, my oldest had so much fun building his own design and connecting the pieces together. And even my youngest had fun creating. They have also used the straws as swords to combat with each other, and as light sabers for their wrestlers. These straws have kept them both busy and creative.

Disclosure: I received the Connecta Straws from to review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own and are my honest opinion of the products.

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