Monday, July 13, 2009

Super Sunday Shopping

Yesterday I went to both Staples and Target and got the following fantastic deals. Here they are:

At Staples I bought,
2 packs of Staples Photo Paper valued at $9.99
2 packages of Staples Copy Paper (500 sheets) at $3.69
25 packs of pencils at $.01 a pack

I used a coupon that was in the weekly ad for $5 off of a $20 purchase. My total with tax came to $24.59. However, there are rebates on both the Photo Paper and Copy Paper. The rebate for the Photo Paper is $8.99 with a limit of 2 and the rebate for the Copy Paper is $3.68 with a limit of 2. So after I receive my rebates back, Staples will have paid me $.75 to buy all of my items. The deals on the copy paper and pencils are good through Wednesday.

If you are wondering how I was able to get 25 packs of pencils, instead of the limit of 2, it is because I have a Teachers Reward Card. Ask at your store, but at my store teachers are allowed to get 25 even when the limit is lower.

At Target, I bought
2 Pairs of Slippers priced at 75% off of $2.50
1 Softsoap Ensembles Pump
3 Refill Packs of Softsoap Ensembles (these are 2pks)

The Softsoap Ensembles I found on an endcap clearanced for $5.10. If you buy two refills or pumps, you earn a $5 gift card. To make this deal even better, I used coupons. On the Target website, they have coupons for $2 off the Softsoap Ensembles. Click here
for the coupon. On they also have a coupon for $1 off Softsoap Hand Soap. So after coupons and tax, my total came to $11.91 and I earned $10 in gift cards. This deal however, ends today.

I definitely enjoyed my shopping trip yesterday.


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