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Stork Stack Review {Delighting in Babies-Baby Shower Event}

Lately I have been hearing a lot about subscription boxes where boxes come to your house once a month with samples in them for you to try. There are various kinds of subscription boxes, but the ones I am most interested are those geared towards my children. I was debating whether to try one out when I came across Stork Stack.

I have been checking out their website and Facebook page since they started in June. Each stack contains 3-4 of their favorite products for babies and then 1-2 products for moms. Each stack is geared toward the age and gender of your little one. You can buy a one-month subscription for $28. However, if you buy a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription, they will donate a stack (or two or three) to a family in need. Besides the monthly subscription, they have a Shower Stack for $40 which contains a WubbaNub, Body Butter from Earth Momma Angel Baby, Baby Legwarmers by BabyLegs, Muselin Swaddle from aden and anais, and monthly milestone stickers from Sticky Bellies.

When I found out that I would be receiving the September Stork Stack, I couldn't wait for it to come. Stacks ship out around the first of each month and I couldn't believe it arrived a little early. Opening a Stack is kind of like opening up presents at Christmas since I had no idea what the box might contain. The box itself is cute and appealing and inside I found not only my five products, but two index size cards as well. One containing a greeting and message from The Stork Stack Team and the other explained the five products I received.

September's theme was Lil' Learners, which seems appropriate since my older kids just went back to school. Inside my Stack was the following items:
  • The book Tickle Time! by Sandra Boynton ($6.95)-This is probably my favorite item from the Stack. We have a few of Sandra Boynton's books and I love reading them to my little one. He always gets excited as we look at the pages of Tickle Time! I can certainly see why-I just love the illustrations and the words of the book are catchy. Here is a sample: "If you're feeling blue and you don't know what to do there is nothing like a TICKLE TIME to make you feel like new."
  • Baby Paper ($3.99)-I got to admit I was not exactly excited when I saw this toy. It is made of a soft material that crinkles and makes a paper sound when touched. I thought why would I pay $3.99 for such a simple toy. This is what makes a subscription box great-trying out new products that you might not have tried on your own. When I gave the Baby Paper to my little one I was surprised that he really enjoyed playing with it. Babies must like the crinkle sound that it makes. It is also nice because it takes up so little space in my diaper bag if I need a toy to keep him occupied while I am out. This toy is so simple but my little one seems to like it!
  • Linking Monkey from Melissa & Doug ($7.99)-I have always been a fan of Melissa & Doug toys. They are so well made and my kids enjoy playing with them. Since I sometimes call my little one Chunky Monkey, this toy is perfect for him. I love that it has links, which not only make it easier for him to hold onto, but I can attach it to his car seat as well.
  • Organic Cotton Hip Socks from Baberoo ($18)-Even though my little one has hand me downs from his two older brothers, the one thing I have not found are socks, so this package of four will definitely come in handy. I also love that they are organic, since lately green parenting has been on my mind. We just started cloth diapering, and now I am looking into ways to incorporate more green products into our home.
  • Joe Jacket ($10.95)-This product is for me. Joe Jackets are stylish beverage wraps that insulate hot cups, cold water bottles, and steel tumblers. It is reversible too.

You will notice that although you pay $28 a month for a Stack, the products inside add up to a whole lot more. Plus there is the excitement of not knowing what you will receive. To learn more, check out their website, and I definitely would encourage you to stop by their Facebook page where you can often find the cutest baby photos.

Disclosure: I received a Stork Stack to review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own and are my honest opinion of the product.

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  1. Thanks for this post, I've never heard of this before.. but it's sparked my interest! :)


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