Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cake Mania: Main Street Nintendo DS Review

I have never played any of the games in the Cake Mania series, but when I read the press release I was excited to give it a try. Here is a synopsis of the newly released Cake Mania: Main Street-

Developed by Sandlot Games Corporation, Cake Mania Main Street features 100 levels of fast-paced gameplay marked by the series' signature time management mechanic. For the first time ever, players can expand beyond the bakery and manage new shops including Jack's Burger Barn, Risha's Flowers and Tiny's Sumo Sushi. These new downtown businesses boast more than 50 upgrades each that players can purchase with cash earned from wacky new customers. Buy all new savory recipes that include over 35 unique ingredients that will keep customers coming back for more!

My thoughts: When it first arrived, my youngest son couldn't wait to play. However, when he started it, he quickly gave up because he didn't not want to play as a girl. So I gave it a try. I enjoy playing simulation games, and this was no exception. First you start out by working in Evan's Bakery. You need to work quickly as Jill to create the customer's desired cake. You start by giving the customer a menu and then baking, frosting, and decorating their cake. Of course their are a variety of customers and some are willing to wait longer than others.

When I decided to play, my two boys surrounded me and wanted to watch and help. My four year old helped me by telling me what shaped cakes the customers wanted and what color I needed to frost their cake. And of course, as I upgraded Jack's Burger Barn they became more and more interested. In Jack's Burger Barn you create different recipes to fulfill the customer's wishes. As my boys watched me play, they wanted to play themselves.

I have not gotten to play Risha's Flower Shop or Tiny's Sumo Sushi yet, but if they are anything like the rest of the game, I know that I will enjoy them. In Risha's Flower Shop, customers order flowers, and Risha then grows the flowers, makes bouquets, and decorates them with different wrappings and ribbons. In Tiny's Sumo Sushi, you play as Tiny and create recipes for your customers. I know that my boys will love playing as Tiny. So if you enjoy playing simulation games, I would definitely, recommend Cake Mania: Main Street. It is rated E10+ and has a retail price for $19.99

Disclosure: I received a copy of the game to review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own and are my honest opinion of the product.


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