Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Children and Glasses

When my oldest son was a toddler, he loved eyeglasses. He wondered when he could have his own pair of glasses and would even take the glasses from our Mr. Potato Head and wear them around. I laugh just thinking about it- those glasses looked so small on his face.

It is not surprising that he would want to wear glasses. Both of his Nanas, as well as myself wear prescription glasses. So why wouldn't he want his own pair? It is my hope that both of my sons get their father's eyes. They are already blessed with bright beautiful blue eyes-now if only they could keep their good vision.

I have worn glasses since elementary school. I was so excited in seventh grade when I was able to get contacts. I think at the middle school age, most kids are concerned about their appearance, and I was no exception. I loved my contacts, but unfortunately, during and after my first pregnancy, I was no longer able to wear them anymore. I thought that was the strangest thing, but after talking to an eye doctor I realized that other women have the same problem.

So since then, I only wear my prescription eyeglasses. I am wondering whether to invest, however, in a pair of prescription sunglasses. That is the one of the things I miss about my contacts-not being about to wear sunglasses. But I am thankful for my glasses, which allow me to see all of the beauty in the world, as well as watch my children be their creative selves-even laugh at them when they wear their funny black glasses connected to a nose and moustache or their Mr. Potato Head glasses.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written for GlassesUSA. All of the opinions are my own.


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