Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kids Computer from Educational Toys Planet Review

My boys love to play games on the computer. Even my five-year old is pretty good at finding the games he wants to play on the internet. So when Educational Toys Planet sent me the Kids Computer to review I knew that it would be a hit! Here is a little about Educational Toys Planet from their website:

In 2002 we founded Educational Toys Planet to provide a source of toys designed to bring joy to children while enhancing their ability to think, analyze, and create. We hand-pick every item on our site to help develop skills from early manipulation for babies to more advanced science skills for older children.

As soon as they saw the Kids Computer they couldn't wait to try it out. It looks realistic with a QWERTY keyboard, a working mouse, and thirty preprogrammed activities focusing on language, mathematics, logic, keyboard skills and music. At the beginning they fought over who would play with it first, but they have learned to take turns. For my boys this math toy makes learning fun! My oldest son who is eight likes to work on multiplication-even though he will not learn it yet until next year in school. He can also brush up on his addition and subtraction skills. My five-year old, who will start kindergarten in the fall, has taken an interest in learning addition and subtraction as well-most likely because he looks up to his older brother. I love this computer because they are developing their math skills while having fun. My oldest doesn't like to do his math homework, but playing on the computer is enjoyable to him. And while they are playing with the computer, they are also learning key board skills.

This computer not only helps kids develop their math skills, but it focuses on language skills as well with activities that help them learn their letters, numbers, words, and spelling. My kids like the two activities that allow them to pretend to be on the internet or send emails to their friends.

I would definitely recommend the Kids Computer-not only is it educational but my kids love to play with it! And if you are looking for a different type of toy, check out Educational Toy Planet. With plenty of options to choose from for kids ages 0-10+, you are sure to find a toy that captures your kid's interest.

Disclosure: I received the Kids Computer to review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own and are my honest opinion of the product.


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