Sunday, October 30, 2011 Review

Can you believe that Halloween is almost here? My boys can't wait and have actually enjoyed trick-or-treating at their youth group and elementary school. This year I was thrilled to review a costume for myself thanks to

Browsing through their website, there were so many choices. But since my oldest son loves Harry Potter, I was specifically looking for one of the characters so I could play along with him when he dresses up.  I decided on Luna Lovegood because she is such a fun character in the movies. When the costume arrived, I tried it on right away-especially since my boys were dying to see me in it. It comes with a Hogwarts uniform style robe with the Ravenclaw emblem on it, a blond wig, and a wand. also sent me the Spectra Specs, which I feel are absolutely necessary to complete this costume. 
My thoughts: I love this costume! On Friday, I chaperoned a middle school dance, so I was able to get the reactions of my coworkers. The robe and wig were comfortable to wear. The robe, however, is one size fits all, and since I am only five foot one, it was a little long on me. I decided to wear heels to the dance and it still dragged on the floor. But this didn't bother me, I just lifted it up a little when I moved. A few of my coworkers did not even recognize me-I am not normally a blond. And they loved the Spectra Specs! These glasses are heavy-duty too so they will not break easily.

Now I know that Halloween is right around the corner, but right now they have a post-Halloween clearance sale going on, and of course they have costumes for other occasions such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. And for my two boys, any day is a great day to dress up as their favorite character. So if you are looking for a costume, for any occasion, check out

Disclosure: I received the above costume to review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own and my honest opinion of the product.


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