Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New K'NEX Sets: Mario Kart Wii and Roary the Racing Car Building Sets

My two boys love to build and create things, so when K'NEX contacted me to review two of their latest releases, I said yes. We own a few of the older sets, including some of the Sesame Street characters, so I knew that these would be a hit with my two boys.

The first set we put together was from the Roary Racing Car Building Set. We were sent Maxi, the Silver Hatch Racetrack's Italian F1 Racing Car. This set is perfect for my youngest son who is four years old. The suggested age is 3 and up. The 18 pieces are large and easy to assemble to create Maxi. Also included is a flag, road sign, and an adapter that allows your child to run the car on popular train track systems.

The second set we put together was the Mario Kart Wii Building Set. We were sent the Luigi and Standard Bike Building Set and the Mario and Standard Kart Building Set. My oldest son was interested in the Luigi Set, while my youngest wanted to build the Mario Set. The Luigi and Standard Bike Building Set comes with 31 parts to create both Luigi and the Bike. The Mario and Standard Kart Building Set contains 66 pieces to help you create both Mario and the Kart, and includes a Banana Peel. This set is for ages 6 and up.

Our thoughts: My boys loved both sets. Maxi was easy to assemble and great for my youngest to play with. They liked the extra flag and road sign that came with it. I love that it comes in a canister that keeps the parts together.

My boys enjoy playing Mario Kart when we visit Chuck E Cheese, so I knew that they would both enjoy the Mario Kart Building Sets. I am glad that each has their own favorite so that there is no fighting. For the most part, these sets were quick, and easy to assemble. Some parts are quite small so you need to be careful not to lose any pieces. And while it was too hard for my youngest to put together, he certainly could enjoy playing with the kart. A neat feature about the packaging is that you can use them as ramps. The boys also loved that you can pull back the kart and it will move on its own. They both have had fun playing with these sets.

If your kids love to create and build, I would recommend these sets.

Disclosure: I received the above sets to review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own and are my honest opinion of the product.

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