Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Johnny Test DS Game Review

My two boys do not watch a lot of TV, but one of the shows they love is Johnny Test. Johnny Test is about the adventures of an eleven year-old boy, his talking dog Dukey, and his thirteen year-old sisters Susan and Mary. Susan and Mary are genius scientists who rely on their brother to try out their experiments. Every Monday night at 7:00 we tune into Cartoon Network to catch the newest adventure of Johnny.

While my boys do not watch a lot of TV, they do enjoy playing video games. They were both so excited to hear that we would be reviewing the Johnny Test Nintendo DS Game. Here is a little about the game from the press release:

Johnny Testis the TV series' first-ever full-length videogame and features all of the characters you've come to know and love, like Johnny's dog Dukey, his twin genius sisters Mary and Susan, next door neighbor Gil and villains Bling Bling Boy, Mr. Wacko, and Brain Freezer. Players can expect to encounter them all in the quest to save Johnny's hometown of Porkbelly in Johnny Test, available everywhere for only $29.99 USD.

"I can't wait for everyone to see what experiments and trouble I get into in my new videogame," said Johnny Test. "Join me in my new game as I tamper with my sisters' 'real life simulator' machine and end up having to save the entire city of Porkbelly-I'm definitely going to need your help to get out of this mess, so pick up my game today and help me save the day!"

Johnny Test Game Features:
  • 12 Hilarious Levels! Play through 12 mind-bending levels of non-stop adventure, including a side-splitting story and video game parodies.
  • Alter-Ego Game play: Play as Johnny or as his alter egos: Johnny X or Trooper J!
  • Push the Limits: Speed limits, time limits, physical limits-test them all with a fantastic collection of gadgets fresh from the laboratory and power-ups galore!
  • Customize Yourself: Change Johnny's mood and ego as you play through each different level, utilizing his attitude to help advance in each situation.

Our thoughts: My oldest son (7 years old) was excited to be the first in our family to try out the game. He gives up easily, so although he played with it for a while, he moved on to other games. However, when I decided to give the game a try, he was right by my side. This game reminded me of my youth when I loved playing Super Mario Bros. There are characters to jump on, blocks to hit, and secret portals to bring you to new places. I really enjoyed playing this game. My son kept on wanting to play as he watched me, and he pulled it out of my hands when I reached the end of the first level, so that he could play the boss. I found the game both challenging and entertaining. My son's favorite part of course is playing against the boss and now his challenge is to beat him. Amazing that all it took to bring his interest back in the game, was for me to try playing it myself. I think because he could watch what I was doing he realized that he could do the same. I would definitely recommend this game, especially if your children like Johnny Test.

Disclosure: I received a copy of the game to review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own and are my honest opinion of the product.


  1. Glad your son liked it - I'm never sure how games for shows will be... some are pretty bad but sounds like this one was ok!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog Simply Shop and Save. returning the favor.

  3. I've never heard of that show, but it sounds like fun! it's always great when you can find something you know your kids will be in to

  4. That seems like a great game - we don't have tv and so have never seen the program it's based on, but my daughter loves Mario games, so would probably like this!

  5. When little ones want to continue to play a game you know it is good! I will definitely have to check it out!


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