Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Grieving and Recovery

A little more than a year ago, my grandmother passed away. It was unexpected. She always seemed so healthy and I honestly believed that she would have lived at least another ten years more. At first when I found out, I think I was in denial. How could this be? For the next few days, most tasks seemed menial, and I did not feel like doing much. I could just remember her smile and it hurt for so long to think of her. When I went to her funeral, I was trying to be strong, but I couldn't. To lose someone you have known all of your life hurts. As time goes on, I reminisce about the wonderful memories I have of her. Every day that passes becomes easier. But she will always have a special place in my heart.

Each month, I look forward to the next Chicken Soup for the Soul book to review, and this month's book was Chicken Soup for the Soul: Grieving and Recovery. It is a collection of 101 inspirational and comforting stories about surviving the loss of a loved one. Here is a little about the book:

Grieving is a process everyone goes through in their own way. It often feels overwhelming and as if the sorrow will never end. While the hurt and sadness never completely fade, it eases with time. This collection of emotional and inspirational stories will provide comfort and peace to those mourning the loss of someone close. Others who have lost a loved one share their stories of what helped, offering guidance and support. With its stories of regaining strength, appreciating life, coping, and faith, this book will help ease the journey to healing.

Every time I read a Chicken Soup for the Soul book, I usually find inspiration and comfort from each book. And almost always there is a story or two that makes me cry. This book is no exception. From the initial shock of losing a loved one and the days that pass right after, it is hard to find comfort. There are no words to ease the pain. But time does heal the pain, although we will never forget. These stories let us know that we are not alone in our pain. Death is a part of life. These stories show us how others have coped with a loss and how they have found recovery and acceptance of that loss.

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  1. I have always liked the chicken soup books. I haven't read this one yet,but will as soon as I can. Thanks for sharing. blessings jane


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