Saturday, October 23, 2010

Review of NutraSea Kids by Ascenta Health

Although I loved school when I was a child, my oldest son does not feel the same. He is not excited about it, and he does not tell us much about his day. The best part about his day is recess, and he also loves his music class. He does not even like lunch, because he said that it is too loud in the cafeteria. We have also noticed at home, that he has trouble listening, paying attention and staying focused. He can be easily distractable, too. I'm not sure with the listening, though, if it is just selective hearing. And if he is watching a favorite movie or creating stories with his figures, he is pretty focused. As school started, I was a little nervous. This year he started first grade, and I knew that there would be a lot less play time then there was in kindergarten. I have read about the benefits of omega-3 for children, where it can help improve behavior, concentration, and ADHD, so I was very interested in trying out NutraSea Kids by Ascenta Health.

Here is little about NutraSea Kids from Ascenta Health's website:

NutraSea Kids is a pharmaceutical quality fish oil with a balanced EPA/DHA ratio making it an ideal food supplement for optimal health and well-being. NutraSea Kids also contains GLA, and omega-6 which has been scientifically proven to be beneficial for early childhood development. When taken alone GLA offers little benefit, however when combined with adequate intake of EPA the beneficial properties of GLA are enhanced.

NutraSea Kids with a delicious very berry flavour is formulated especially for children 2-13 years of age. NutraSea Kids exceeds the CRN pharmaceutical quality & purity standards and is certified by PURE CHECK third-party verification.

My son has been trying NutraSea Kids for the past few weeks now. We told him it was a special vitamin to help him at school, and that sparked his interest. The first time he tried it alone, and he did not like the taste. But he was willing to try it again. We have mixed it together with his milk, and we have also tried mixing it with yogurt. He enjoys it the best with his milk. Although, we have missed a dosage here or there, both my husband and myself have noticed a difference when he does take it. And he has also been complaining less about school.

Interested in learning more, you can check out their website here.

Disclosure: I received a bottle of NutraSea Kids to review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own and are my honest opinion of the product.

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