Thursday, August 12, 2010

Review of the Penguins of Madagascar DVDS: Happy King Julien Day and New To the Zoo

One of my kids' favorite shows on Nickelodeon is The Penguins of Madagascar. We loved the penguins in both of the Madagascar movies, so we were very excited to have found this series. The penguins make me laugh, and my oldest absolutely loves King Julien. When I told him we were going to review the two latest releases he was so excited.

On Tuesday August 10th, the two newest The Penguins of Madagascar DVDs were released: New To The Zoo and Happy King Julien Day. Both DVDs have eight episodes and the total runtime is 88 minutes. In the first DVD called New To the Zoo, each episode introduces us to a new character at the zoo. In these episodes you will meet Frankie the pigeon, Salvio the boa constrictor, Max the cat, and more! On the second DVD called Happy King Julien Day, each episode focuses on my son's favorite character, King Julien, the leader of the lemurs. On this DVD, you can watch the zoo characters celebrate King Julien Day, you can see King Julien shake his booty, and watch him cope when he gets into a fight with Maurice and Mort.

My kids loved both of these DVDs, and I certainly enjoyed watching them myself. It is great to watch the teamwork of these Penguins, who always seem to be on a mission. I love the theme music, as well, and sometimes we get up and dance with King Julien. You may recognize some of the episodes from watching the series on tv, although there were quite a few that we had not seen before. These were very entertaining and have made a great addition to our DVD collection. And with a suggested retail price of under $14, I think that they are well worth their price.

Disclosure: I was contacted by M80 on behalf of Paramount Home Entertainment to review the Penguins of Madagascar DVDs. I received the two DVDs to review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own and are my honest opinion of the products.


  1. OH boy! This sounds great! My daughter will love this! She loved the first! Thanks for sharing!

  2. look like fun dvds love the covers

  3. Stoppin' over from Pitch It... My kids would LOVE these DVD's.

  4. The penguins were certainly the best part of the Madagascar movies! I bet my kids would love these! Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. King Julien ROCKS!!! I will watch the show with my kids just because King Julien will make me laugh out loud!


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