Saturday, May 22, 2010

Do You Sign with Your Baby?

Do you ever wonder what your baby is thinking? Or what your child is interested in? Why are they upset? When my oldest son was a baby, my mom decided to teach him baby sign language and this opened up a whole new world of communication with my child. She started when he was about six months old and by ten months he had started signing back. Although verbally he could not say he was hungry, he was able to communicate to me that he wanted "milk" or "more" through signs. We also found out that he was very interested in clocks and watches, since any time he would see either of these he would sign the word.

Some people question whether teaching babies sign language will hinder their development and may cause the child to speak later.I have read many articles that disagree and this was also seen with my two boys. Both are very social and have a great vocabulary.

If you are interested there are many great resources available. One program is called Baby Signs and there are even baby signs coupons available. My kids also loved to watch a series called Signing Time. You could check out your local library for signing books or stores like Barnes and Nobles or Borders. I bet you could even find great deals at Books-A-Million.

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  1. I signed with my son when he was young. I taught a daycare for years and done signs with the 1 year old class that I had. So when my son was born I knew that I wanted to do it. We have DVD's called Your baby can sign. He loved them. They taught so many signs, I'd have to watch it to learn the signs he was doing! LOL

    I really think that's why he can talk so well now at age 3.

  2. my friend signed when her daughter was she is 4 now and is smart as a whip. I don't think that it hinder their development, for bi-lingual children learn to think in both languages, because they were raised that way.
    I do some signing with the grandbaby and he is 13 months, he has been signing drink and food to me and even after mom and him moved out he knows he can sign to me and I know what he is asking for....

  3. My daughter has a speech problem and has learned sign language. We've been in the classroom all year(gr 1) to teach her classmates. Nice post!
    I'm your newest follower. I've booked marked you so that I can spend some more time on your blog. Looks great so far. Hope you can zip over to and follow me back! Have a great Father's Day weekend


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