Monday, July 23, 2012

Delighting in Babies-Baby Shower Event: Bamboobies Review and Giveaway

With each of my boys I made the decision to breastfeed. With my first two boys, I did not leak very often so I was not concerned with nursing pads. However, with my newest little one, I leak more frequently and of course, it has happened not only at home, but when I am out in public. It even happened at the preschool graduation for my five-year old. I wasn't even due to feed my little one! As a result, it is important for me to wear nursing pads when I go out in public. It is hard, though, to find nursing pads that are not only comfortable but are not noticeable as well-that is until I found Bamboobies

Bamboobies is an online store that specializes in washable nursing pads. Here is the story of how the founder, Kerry Gilmartin came up with the idea:

Bamboobies were born out of necessity-'the mother of invention!'

After breastfeeding for a few months, I was still leaking sometimes... I even leaked through the thick washable cotton pads. I was tired of looking like I had round targets on my chest where the pads showed through my shirt. Disposables also showed wrinkles and just created too much trash. And disposables get very expensive!

So one day I decided, just because it was handy, to stuff a washable diaper wipe into my bra-it felt great, but it looked funny and was far from perfect. It was made of organic bamboo velour so it was deliciously soft and wicked and absorbed like a great pad should. I'd never felt anything so soft!

A year into product development and protoyping with different fabrics and designs, we have settled on a couple of unique breast pad designs that mothers love.

My thoughts: Bamboobies sent me a pair of their regular breast pads to review. First, I love that they are heart shaped and ultra thin. The shape helps the pad wrap around your breast in order to make them less noticeable.  Often when I wear disposables, I try to move them around to find a way to not show wrinkles or lines through my shirt. But with Bamboobies, I did not have to worry about this. I also love the pale pink color of the pad. The pads come in pale pink, hot pink, and black. The pads are lined with organic bamboo velour and have a hemp and organic cotton inner layer.  In my opinion, these pads have three great features:

1) They are so soft-I love how they feel against my skin.
2) They are more comfortable and less noticeable than any other nursing pad I have tried. In fact, I do not think anyone would be able to tell that I am wearing them.
3) They are washable and even after I washed them they are still soft!

Now if you find that you need heavier protection against leaking at night, they have Overnight Bamboobies as well. I have to say I was impressed with Bamboobies and I love to wear them. 

Buy it: If you are interested in trying out any Bamboobies product (nursing pads, nursing shawl, therapy pillows, nipple balm) use the code DEAL20 for 20% off at checkout at

Win it: Bamboobies has offered to giveaway a $16.99 credit to their site. This credit will allow you to buy a 2 pair pack of Regular or Overnight Bamboobies or your can use the credit to put towards any other item on their site. Note: You are responsible for your own shipping at a flat rate of $4.95.

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