Saturday, December 10, 2011

Topricin Pain Relief and Healing Cream Products

In our medicine cabinet I like to have a variety of products available for any situation whether it be for a cold, sore throat, stomach ache, or pain relief. Recently, I was sent three samples of Topricin Pain Relief and Healing Cream-Topricin Classic, Topricin Junior, and Topricin Foot Therapy Cream. Here is a little about each product:

Topricin Classic is effective to treat pains associated with Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Lower Back Pain, Repetitive Motion and Trauma Sports Injuries.

Topricin Foot Therapy Cream is effective to treat foot and ankle pain.

Topricin Junior effectively promotes healing and relieves pain from injuries and is specially formulated for kids.

Out of all of the samples I received, I was most interested in Topricin Junior. With two boys in the house, and a third one on the way, we need to tend to boo-boos from time to time. Here are more details about Topricin Junior:

Topricin Junior is a pediatrician-recommended medicated cream specially formulated for children that targets pain as it rapidly goes to work helping the body to heal the damage that's causing the pain.

It contains 14 safe, natural ingredients that naturally support and assist the body to reduce inflammation, detoxify and stimulate blood flow that increases oxygenation of the skin to speed healing and relieve all aches and pains and boo boos of life.

Topricin also has a Boo Boos Happen First Aid Kit for $19.99. In this kit, you will find a 1.5 tube of Topricin Junior, 20 standard size 'Ouchies' self adhesive bandages in five colors (pastel purple, blue, yellow, green, and pink), three markers for kids to decorate these bandages, and samples of Topricin Classic Pain Relief & Healing Cream and Topricin Foot Therapy Cream. You can buy this kit at Topricin's online store here and if you enter the code BOO25 you will receive 25% off your order.
My thoughts: There are a few things that I like about Topricin Junior. First of all, it has so many uses. Not only does it promote healing and relieves pain from injuries, but it is also useful for skin conditions and bug bites. My oldest son 's skin is sensitive and his elbows itch him from time to time. So this product would be helpful when his skin is irritated. I also like that it is odorless and that 5% of the sales are donated to the Children's Cancer Care Foundation.

If you are interested in Topricin products, you can visit their website here to learn more.

Disclosure: I received the above samples to review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own and my honest opinion of the products.

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