Saturday, September 24, 2011

Think Geek: Harry Potter and Star Wars Collectibles!

My boys love Star Wars and Harry Potter. We own all of the movies-except the last Harry Potter, which has not been released yet. If you have loved ones who enjoy these movies, or anything geeky, you need to check out ThinkGeek. I love this online store. They have the most unique gifts ever!!

We recently received three items to review from ThinkGeek and my boys love them. And to be honest, I think that they are pretty cool as well. The first one is the Lord Voldemort Interactive Room Alarm. This alarm sits in my oldest son's room and when turned on will alert him to any intruders. When an intruder walks past Lord Voldemort, he will cast a spell or recite one of his famous lines from the movies. And to top it off, his eyes glow red and the base glows green for a maximum effect. Scary! Another Harry Potter item we reviewed is the Harry Potter Illuminated Wand Pen. This I kept for myself. This pen is sculpted to look like Harry Potter's wand and lights up when you write. Perfect for any Harry Potter fan.

The last item we reviewed is the Lightsaber Handle Flashlight. This flashlight comes in two styles: Darth Vadar and Luke Skywalker. We chose the Darth Vadar style. While this comes in handy whenever you need a flashlight, this would also be the perfect accessory if your child is going to be either character for Halloween to help them see their way on a dark night.

Not interested in Harry Potter or Star Wars, ThinkGeek has a ton of other awesome apparel, gadgets, and toys as well.

Disclosure: I received the above items to review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own and my honest opinion of the products.


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