Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Shutterfly Photo Books

When my first son was born, I wanted to create a special scrapbook for him with all of his baby pictures in it. I would spend quite a while deciding on which background to use, and I would search the local craft stores for those perfect acid-free stickers. After I created his baby scrapbook, I would put the rest of his pictures in a photo album or box. The photo albums would take up a lot of space and half of the time I never looked at the pictures again. It got even worse when my second son was born-now I had that many more pictures lying around, until I learned about Shutterfly Photo Books.

With Shutterfly Photo Books, I can choose my favorite pictures and create an awesome scrapbook with decorated backgrounds and embellishments. I can easily finish a photo book a lot quicker than I could finish a few pages when I was scrapbooking. And it is super easy. First you choose which size photo book you want to create and you will also choose a style. Next you upload pictures and then it is time to be creative. You can add, delete, resize and move pictures and text anywhere on the page. They have tons of great backgrounds to choose from, as well as embellishments to add to each page. If you get stuck for a great idea, they also have idea pages, which are pre-designed page templates that you can personalize.

I try to create at least two photo books a year, highlighting our favorite memories. But Shutterfly has more than just photo books, they have photo cards and stationery, calendars, and photo gifts that you can personalize. I love creating personalized greeting cards, as well as Christmas cards each year. So get creative with your favorite memories and check out Shutterfly.

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Disclosure: I will be receiving a photo book in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own and are my honest opinion of the product.


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