Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Dream Livingroom

With our house on the market, I have been imagining that perfect new home for our family. We are looking for a four bedroom home with 2 bathrooms, and a two car garage. Other perks that I would love would be a dining room and central air. When we do find that perfect home, I can not wait to find some new furniture and decorate.

In my future dream home, I would love to have a coffee table. We have not had a coffee table in our living room since my first son was born. But now as the kids get older, I would love to decorate my living room with some more furniture as well as add storage as well. I have always liked coffee tables that look like trunks. Not only do they add a little flair to the room, but it would be perfect to obtain extra storage space, which always seems to be needed with two kids.

And while I am dreaming, end tables and nesting tables would also be nice in my new living room. I have never considered buying nesting tables, but they might be the perfect solution for our current home until we sell. Without a dining room, it is hard to host birthday parties or have my family over to visit because there is not enough room at our kitchen table for everyone to eat. Often they will eat in the living room without a table. As I browse nesting tables, I notice that not only would they look nice in my living room, but they would add that extra space for people to eat when we have friends or family over.

So what would you like in your dream livingroom?

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