Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Gratitude Challenge

Recently I read a post from the blog But Such is Life titled Gratitude Attitude. It really made me think about my own attitude and how I focus a lot on the negatives in my life. If you get a chance, stop by here and read her article about how we need to let God fill our needs. In the same week I came across this website called The Gratitude Challenge. According to the website, The Gratitude Challenge is "a 21-day challenge created to help you take note of the brighter side of life." I thought by focusing more on the blessings that God has given me, it would help me focus on the positives in my life. So I decided that I would take that challenge.

Today is my first day of the challenge and the challenge is "to sign the contract and make a commitment to take note and give thanks for the next 21 days." So here it goes:

With a hopeful outlook, I,"Deal"ightfully Frugal, promise to fulfill the terms of The Gratitude Challenge. Over the next 21 days, I pledge to complete the activities on my gratitude calendar, including writing journal entries, taking photos and connecting with friends. I promise to take note of life’s little blessings and to give thanks for the relationships, experiences and opportunities that make my life unique. From this day forward, I commit to living on the brighter side of life.

Signature: Date: 10/3/2009

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  1. That is a really great idea! I bet it makes your outlook on life so positive!


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