Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Check out Keeping the Kingdom First's 30-Day Giving Challenge

One of the blogs I love to read is by Alyssa at Keeping the Kingdom First. Starting on November 1st, she is beginning a 30-day challenge and encourages everyone interested to participate. The challenge is to give in some way each day in November and to keep a journal of your giving. Write down every thing that you gave each day. Your giving does not need to be monetary, so think of all of the ways you could give. Listen to what God may lay on your heart during this month. This challenge was inspired by her pastor who was concluding a series on Matthew 16. He suggested too, to keep track how the giving comes back to you. He stated that you will be amazed at the impact your generosity will have on your life during that month. I would encourage you to read more at Alyssa site here to learn about this challenge.


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